Swiss Women's CANDINO watch, silver. Collection LADY PETITE. C4696/1
Swiss Women's CANDINO watch, silver. Collection LADY PETITE. C4696/1
Swiss Women's CANDINO watch, silver. Collection LADY PETITE. C4696/1

Swiss Women's CANDINO watch, silver. Collection LADY PETITE. C4696/1

1 Model Ref .:C4696/1
Women's Swiss CANDINO watch, from the LADY PETITE collection.

The model C4696/1, in silver color, with a silver dial and no markers, offers perfect readability thanks to its sapphire crystal.
The choice of a sapphire crystal ensures exceptional visibility of the watch and gives it tremendous resistance to scratches. Due to its characteristics, sapphire crystal is exceptionally hard. Only diamond offers greater hardness than this material and is the material of choice for pieces that withstand the test of time while maintaining their beauty and good presence. Moreover, the crystal on this watch includes an anti-reflective treatment, greatly preventing the occurrence of uncomfortable reflections that hinder the correct reading of the dial under certain lighting conditions.

The CANDINO C4696/1 is a quartz watch with a HARLEY 763 movement made in Switzerland, a mechanism of proven quality and precision over the years , indicating the hours, minutes, and seconds with great reliability..

This watch is made of 316L stainless steel and decorated with zircons
This type of steel, due to its composition, is especially resistant to corrosion, highly durable and resistant to scratches. It is also a hypoallergenic material, surgical grade, thus avoiding possible skin reactions due to continued use.
Zirconia are gemstones with great resemblance to diamonds, which produce endless flashes of color when reflecting light. Although they do not have the hardness of diamonds, these gems guarantee great strength, keeping the watch in perfect aesthetic condition throughout its life.
This watch comes equipped with a silver stainless steel bracelet and a double push button clasp, which allows to easily open and close the strap, while minimizing its thickness on the underside of the wrist

Founded in 1947 by Adolf Flury-Hug, CANDINO has been a fixture in the Swiss town of Herbetswill, in the canton of Solothurn, ever since. We continue to manufacture all of our watches in-house, from the production of mechanical movement components to the final assembly of each timepiece. We do this because we believe that only by controlling every detail can we offer the quality of product that our customers deserve. To achieve this, we invest in the latest technology that allows us to detect defects that the human eye cannot see. Combining Swiss watchmaking tradition, a commitment to quality, and the latest technology, CANDINO is a leading Swiss watch brand worldwide.


  • Material

Stainless Steel

  • thickness

7.2 mm

  • shape


  • Case diameter

30 mm

watch face

  • colour


  • Crystal


  • Number of hands



  • Material

Stainless Steel

  • colour


  • size

14.5 mm

  • Clasp type

Double Pusher


  • Type


  • Name

Harley 763

  • Manufacturing


  • Battery type



  • Main function

Hours And Minutes

  • Calendar



  • Watertightness


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